Australian international education market performs well in ICEF agent barometer

The ever comprehensive ICEF Monitor has published some early results from their eight annual agent barometer survey (co published with iGraduate).

Given the lifting on the ban on foreign agents in US institutions, it is perhaps not unexpected that agents would be referring more students to US institutions – the barometer reports that 80% of agents expect to send more students to the US.

Australia places highly in the metric, with around about 68% of agents stating they’ll be sending students down under. Promisingly for Australia, only 27% of agents reported issues with students getting visas – down from 43% the year before, whereas over half of agents thought Canada was the most difficult.

The report specifically highlights Australia, stating:

Perhaps not coincidentally, at the end of 2013 the Australian government began easing visa rules for the non-university sector and generally reassuring the international higher education sector that it would receive more attention and support from the government.

With visa approvals being a strong indicator of future enrolments, such an indicator is good for the Australian international student market.

Testing a MS Access subreport for records

I haven’t done one of these in a long, long time, but I happen to be doing a bit of coding for a friend, and wanted to make a subreport control on an Access report invisible should it have no data. Of course, since I’ve been mostly out of the Access game for a while now, I was racking my brain for a bit, trying to figure it out and stumbling through a whole bunch of non-working solutions on the net.

But I eventually figured it out….

Assuming you have a subreport control on a parent report called MySubReport and you want the subreport control to be not visible should it have no records, this is one option you can use.

Private Sub Report_Activate()
If Me.MySubReport.Report.HasData = False Then
Me.MySubReport.Visible = False
Me.MySubReport.Visible = True
End If
End Sub

Report.hasData is the key!

Many solutions on the Internet talk about using code like this in the IF..THEN expression:

Me.SubReport.Form.RecordSet.RecordCount = 0

Of course, that won’t work (we’re working with reports not forms and Microsoft inform us that the recordset object isn’t available in reports. If you try use the above, Access will keep throwing you errors like:

This feature is not available in an MDB.

I’ve tested this in Access 2007 and it seems to work fine.