I’ve committed to doing Jantastic.

Jantastic is a community event coordinated by the team behind Marathon Talk, a well known running podcast that I’ve talked about briefly before.

Basically the idea is to kick-start the running year by setting a series of goals and objectives. In January you commit to doing x number of runs per week (1 mile is regarded as the minimum distance). February sees you build distance and March asks you to build your speed. Overall, it makes you a stronger, fitter and hopefully faster runner.

I’ve committed to doing five runs per week in January and it all starts today. I’ve tentatively planned my schedule for this week with 5K today and tomorrow, a break on Wednesday, then 5K on Thursday, Parkrun on Saturday and an 11k on Sunday, which will meet my Jantastic requirements and see me 31km for the week.

I’m part of a team called Queensland MTalkers and I’m competing with (and against) many people, all of whom I don’t actually know personally. But that’s all fine and good and hopefully it can kick me off and get me regularly running again.

Here’s the Jantastic motivational video if you’re interested.

Wish me luck.

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