Boston Marathon Explosions

There has been some terrible news from Boston this morning, with explosions going off at the finish of the Boston Marathon. Two people have been killed, many injured and there is still on going concern that more bombs will go off.

American marathoners are doing it tough at the moment. First, we had the cancellation of the New York Marathon last November during to Hurricane Sandy and now this tragedy. I really feel for the competitors and their families and anyone who has suffered due to this dog act.

Here’s some footage – but be warned – it’s distressing.

On a personal level, this is chilling. As you’ll see from the video footage floating around the internet showing the bombs going off, the race clock reads 4 hours 9 minutes. This is very close to the time I’m expecting to run in the Gold Coast Marathon in July. If I had been competing in Boston, I would have been coming in around the time of the explosions. Scary stuff.

The New Yorker has the human perspective. Read “After the Boston Marathon Explosion”.

Political Violence @ A Glance has some deeper analysis and theories about who may be behind it.

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