I’m now an United Nations Intern

If you’ve come here from Google and are looking for general UN Internship information, I’ve written up a post detailing some information about the selection process and what the internship is all about. View the UN Internship FAQ.

Annoying Australian allowed into the UN general assembly

It has been a hectic few days for me in the Big Apple. I’ve started my internship with the United Nations and I’m already in the thick of it. I’m working in Peacekeeping with some awesome people and I’m glad my meager skills can contribute to something that is of worldwide importance. I’m also glad that I have plenty to do because there is no risk I’ll get bored. I’m not at the secretariat building (you know the famous one that everyone knows about) but closer to Grand Central station in midtown east. I believe my section might be near the security or disarmament guys. I note a lot of example landmines on display, which is quite interesting.

My UQ colleague Fanney (also a UN intern) and myself at our orientation session

I’ve only been in the internship a few days, but we’ve done an orientation session, organised some intern activity committees and had a few social outings with my fellow interns. Orientation was interesting – we were addressed by Gillian Sorenson, senior advisor to the United Nations foundations and former assistant secretary general for external relations during Kofi Annan’s tenure as Secretary-General, as well as Anita Sharma, the North American coordinator for the UN Millennium Campaign. I’ve joined the newsletter and sports committees (naturally) and there looks to be some great little activities being organised. There are about 200 of us, so there is always something interesting planned.

Today I got my free tour of the UN secretariat building which also took in a walk through the general assembly and other interesting little exhibits.


I’ve sorted my accommodation. After a brief stint in Long Island City with the awesome Gabe and Jade, I’ve moved ever so slightly closer to the UN building. I’ll be moving to midtown in a few weeks but for the meantime I’m staying in a Catholic German Men’s Guesthouse in the Upper East Side. The rent is affordable and I get a free meal a day. Sure, it might be operated by some people who may or may not have inspired the character of Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers, but overall, I’m pretty happy here.

Managed to grab a shot with Ban-Ki inside the UN Secretariat.

I’m thinking of hitting up some central park ice skating this weekend, followed by a gig in Brooklyn. I note White Rabbits are playing, which is a band I’d be interested in checking out. Helps that it only cost $15!!